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Website Maintenance



Primarily, what is website maintenance?
It’s the process of preserving the website in a safe and sound manner to keep it presentable at any
point in time. A consistent inspection and actions to fix technical problems are required to ensure
the optimised performance of the website including each every macro to an ultra simple
functionality of the website. In simple words, it’s about doing all the basic and complex things to
make sure your website runs smoothly to meet the expectation of your audience and yourself.



Major areas of website Monitoring

Website publishing: A time to time content updating is required
Website quality assurance: the whole website needs to be scanned at regular intervals of time. In
the case of errors, they are required to be fixed.
Website Feedback Monitoring: Communications with the website visitors needs to be managed.
Website Performance Monitoring: In this case, the amount of success of the website is measured
and accounted.
Website Infrastructure Monitoring: Here Hosting is under supervision
Control: All the technical aspects are supervised and managed.



What do we do ?
Website Backup
The entire database of the website is backed up at regular intervals of time. Quality check is
performed to ensure whether backed up data stored off the site is valid/Invalid, for safety reasons.
Software updates
A complete analysis of the new software updates, based on the requirements updating is carried


Routine check for Broken Links
A regular scanning is carried out to hunt down broken links, which reduce search engine rankings.


Search Engine Optimisation
It is a never ending thing, regularly including content whole website consistently needs


An overall check of the website, whether each and every thing is working fine.


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Karan Parwani,