The Rise of Voice Search and Amazon Alexa

As per a research conducted by Google, more than 40% of American adults and 50% of teens of US use voice search on a day to day basis. The method of voice search is now being adopted by many as it is an easy and a hands-free alternative for typing. As per the Google survey, voice search is widely used in the kitchen where the users ask their smartphones about the recipes and ingredients used and also keep their mobile screens free from crumbs and stains.

Voice search is not only easy but is also intelligent. The same can be seen when using various voice search options like Cortana, Alexa and Siri and the latest iterations of these are able to understand the user’s queries better than before. This is one of the reasons why more and more users are making use of voice search for almost everything. With mobiles playing an important role in voice search, companies that are into Mobile Marketing in Bangalore are also prepping up on their development and marketing strategies.

But before we get into how voice search is affecting online advertising and SEO, let us understand what voice search is all about.

Voice Search- What is it exactly?

We now know about the increasing popularity of voice search, but have you ever wondered how this works?

Voice search makes use of natural language processing also known as NLP along with the text-to-speech technology to better understand the search request placed by the user. This then gets processed via the database, where the question asked is matched with the answers. We notice similar answer boxes within the SERPs when we search for any questions online.

NLP plays a major role in voice search. This technology is used to understand the intent behind the request placed by the user. Most of the voice-activated technologies like Alexa, or Siri tend to return a direct result and not a SERP. The need to provide better answers to the queries asked and the growing popularity of voice search has now pushed the tech gains to improve on their personal assistant tools. These firms are upgrading the voice search tools to accurately handle the queries asked by the users.

Companies that are into Mobile Marketing in Bangalore also need to know that more than 60% of the voice search users make use of mobile devices. This has paved the way to Google making a number of changes to the already existing algorithms which in turn helps address the importance mobile search has. As per the latest updates of Google, sites that are mobile friendly are assigned ranking weight and hence it gets important for businesses to create a website that is mobile and user-friendly.

How does voice search effect SEO?

About 3.5 billion searches happen on Google daily and about 60% of it happens through a smartphone and 20% of it happens via voice search. So, about 420 million voice searches are happening daily and it gets important for any digital marketing agency in Bangalore to consider it as an integral part of the search strategy. If they do not, they for sure would be missing on large amounts of traffic.

Marketing experts need not completely overhaul their strategies but can implement a few changes to adapt to the new way of using Google search and others. The intent of voice search can be different from the text-based search and users make use of natural language while doing so. This means marketing companies have to focus on some long tail keywords that are mostly question based like, “how- to”, “where-can” etc. It is also important for marketing experts to understand how the voice search functionality of Google search selects the results.

The functionality of voice search will for sure change the way web search is used and how we interact with our smart devices. If you are a business that has hopes to get found on such search requests, it is important you implement relevant SEO strategies by hiring a digital marketing agency in Bangalore.


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