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What is it?


Mobile Marketing basically means, advertising the product or service that you sell, using mobile phones as a medium. Earlier, according to surveys, people used only 30-40% of mobile features, but now the trend is changing. People purchase mobile phones understanding their needs and features of the device. Mobile phones have become an important part of life.


Morever,generation after generation, as we see back, including mobile networks, even the devices are improving day by day, as the necessity of advancement is in demand. As the size and way of carrying matters, mobile phones are much handy and can be carried anywhere. Can get any type of  task done. It’s a unique idea to use this channel for advertising your business.



How can my ads be shown on phone?


Within mobile there are a lot of places where ads can be placed, so, conversion are high. Back then in early years SMS and MMS were the two mediums by which one could advertise his/her product/service by putting the huge amount of money. But now, there are many mediums in cellular networks itself for the purpose of advertisement. People are more attracted towards applications, either consider it as an Android device or an iOS device. Ad placements can be done via these apps. Therefore, increasing the possibility of results.



The growth of Mobile Marketing


Mobile markets are growing at a very high rate, it’s the right time to cultivate your crop when the soil is filled with vital nutrients and minerals, for a healthy yield. The human mind works in the certain type of way. A person tends to take or purchase a particular service or a commodity, even if they are not in need or it is not a requirement, this happens when the adequate amount of advertisements succeed in making impact on them.


Mobile advertising is considered as a major marketing program to enhance the business outcomes, by businesses world wide. It’s currently trending in the market and this trend seems to exist for quite some time now.


The mobile advertising can be accomplished by the below mentioned key categories-
1).   Mobile marketing Automation
2).   Mobile Affiliate Networks

3).   Mobile advertising analytics and tracking App Install Platform
4).   Ad servers and supply side platform Demand side platform

5)    App store advertising