benefits of using Google Search Console to rank faster in 2018

So you are familiar with the biggest search engine in the world? who isn’t? disrupting the search industry in 1998 and now Google has changed the technology and the internet. But as businesses and marketers, are we utilizing the power and tools Google has gifted us? you must be aware of the various tools by Google such as Google drive, analytics, sheets etc, but do you know about Google search console? If you are an SEO specialist you might or might not be knowing about it, but this tools does wonders and has helped millions of marketers and businesses to optimise their website and have grown their rankings. Let’s see today how Google search console can help YOU to be successful when it comes to the search game. You will reap following benefits if you use this tool-


1) Helps in finding the index errors-


Google search console


Google Search console helps you to find the index and crawl errors on the website, just sign in into your account, add your property, and then invite Google crawlers to your website. Once they crawl your website, they will show you the errors your website got, you can then fix the errors and re-invite crawlers to crawl your website again. This helps to solve a lot of errors which can affect the user experience on the website.

2) Helps you to know the queries and keywords you are ranking for-


Google Search Console helps you to know the queries for which you got an impression on the Search Engine Results Page. It will also show the number of clicks you got for that query as well as the position for that keyword. isn’t it the best thing? give your thoughts in the comment section below. This process takes time as you grow your traffic and continue your off-page SEO efforts. Keep a continuous watch every week in order to know the keywords you are already ranking for so that you can optimise and bet on those in order to rank them more higher. To know your off-page and on-page status, use Moz.

3) Helps you to know which website is linking to you-


Want to know who is linking to you? The magic of Search Console tells you the exact websites which link to you. You can know by clicking on ‘Search Traffic’ and then ‘Links to your site’, and guess what? BOOOM! the report is out there! Make sure that your website is fully optimised in order to help Google in your journey to rank you on page number 1. You can also read guides and blogs of the biggest marketers in the world namely Neil Patel and many more!



4)  Helps you to know if you have your Schema Markup in place-

ever heard about this thing helps you to set your markup data for the search engines. This helps search engines know the details of each an every page on your website. Google has made this a very important factor for ranking as well as a good on-site SEO practice. Email your developer today or if you are a SEO expert, you already know about it 🙂

5) Helps you to know your internal links and if any broken links are present-

Internal linking is a very important and a ‘MUST TO-DO’ SEO practice. If a website has a good internal links structure then the odds of ranking the particular pages increase as the link juice, or the link authority is transferred to the respective pages.

Who likes ‘ERROR 404’? We hope that you don’t. This tool helps you to find those errors and fix them too. Still thinking not to use this tool? This tool helps you to see your website from the eye of Google. Sign up today!


Google Search Console


6) There is much more! Looking for what’s there for it in 2018? 


Okay, so now after reading all these points, you must have got how this tool helps you succeed in the search game and help you get an edge over your competitors. Start deploying the strategies and see the benefits turn into your favor. Now in 2018, many marketers and businessmen are requesting Google to include the search queries for the voice search made by the users. Won’t it be cool? It will be the best thing to happen! it will help many marketers and businessmen to revise their content as well as keyword strategy. They can include long-tail keywords in their content to help them rank for voice search as well.




Imagine the owner keeping a record of their employees and telling them how are they performing each year and giving them tips and suggestions to improve themselves! this is the same way Google Search Console works. Sign up today to get an amazing insight into your website. To know more about blogs, marketing, and business tips, sign up for the newsletters by filling the purple form on the contact page. Comment your questions below so that we can come down and clear your queries!



  • Pamela Orange
    Posted at 06:22h, 19 January Reply

    Thanx for sharing your knowledge once again !

    “Optimized meta descriptions will never be cut off and end with “…” or seem like they end mid-sentence.”

    We have configured them correctly and are even using the NOODP tag. For some of our websites the meta descriptions are shown, but for some Google still wont use the meta description that we have configured and instead takes some other tekst from the website that results in an meta descriptions that ends with “……”

    Do you know why Google is not using our description but makes one up themself?

    • Wedoeconsult
      Posted at 13:56h, 06 February Reply

      If you have your Meta Description installed in Yoast SEO, Google will fetch that data only

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